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When our indoor spaces ceased to become the safest location for learning during a global pandemic, we turned to the great outdoors. While we have embraced all the opportunities our outdoor spaces afford us, most of our outdoor areas remain a blank canvas waiting to be painted with flowers, prairie, and outdoor learning spaces. Having defined and designed outdoor spaces will allow our students a natural teaching environment to work on skills related to academics, functional living, play, and social interaction and so much more. Each dollar donated to grow our potential up to $15,000 will be matched by a generous friend.

The dollars raised from this campaign will go toward completing phase one of our outdoor learning spaces.

*If you would like to support this campaign with cash or check please contact*


Donation Ideas

Every donation counts and is appreciated by our students, staff and families

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Classroom Supplies:


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Sensory Items:


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Student iPad


Or you can choose any amount you are able to give.

Giving Circle Monthly Donor

Donate Monthly for 1 year and earn our Giving Circle Donator Award! Each donator receives an OTIS t-shirt and plaque on the wall of Turning Pointe Foundation.

Give Securities / Stocks

“The recent market gains create an ideal opportunity for philanthropy. Giving stock gifts to nonprofits like Turning Pointe can create positive change for individuals in their care and likely make good sense from a tax planning perspective.” Jay Ferguson, Vice President of the Turning Pointe Autism Foundation Board and Partner at Ferguson Hill Wealth Management.

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation
1500 West Ogden Avenue
Naperville, IL 60540

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation
1500 West Ogden Avenue
Naperville, IL 60540

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Turning Pointe Autism Foundation is an endorsed Center for Autism accredited by the IBCCES.

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