You know what's Funny? - Turning Pointe Autism Foundation

You know what’s funny?


You know what’s funny? Let me tell ya. I’ve come to realize over the last few years that our
students are the most grateful & happy people in the world. Why you may ask? They are
thankful for all the love, support & friendship they receive from us. All of us. Not just the
teachers. But the foundation staff, parents & everyone in between. I was talking about this
yesterday with my ride share on the way home. We talked about how these children are happy
& they above anyone have reason to be upset/angry etc, & people around us continue to
complain about their lives, & remain grumpy & upset. We also talked about how the people who
have it hard (like our kids) don’t complain because they don’t know any different. They’re also
humble, & don’t really gripe & moan. They might have temper tantrums or get angry from time
to time. Who doesn’t? But they still don’t complain. They just do them. That’s the greatest gift.
Just getting to be around them (the kids) & experiencing all of the love, heartache & joy. I love
seeing all of it & hopefully get to see it for a long time. It’s something that I don’t take for