You know what’s frustrating? - Turning Pointe Autism Foundation

You know what’s frustrating?

Let me tell ya. I hate being super emotional. Along with autism, come the wonderful side effects we all have come to know & love. Like today, my supervisor told me she was leaving & that her last day is tomorrow. I showed a good face when I received the news. But as soon as I left the classroom, I cried a little bit. Then of course, like the awesome supervisor she is, she came & checked up on me. She gave me a hug & told me how much she’s going to miss me. I told her to go take care of her newborn baby. I mean I will miss her like crazy, but her baby & husband need her at home. And who am I to say no to that? Afterall, this is her first baby. Everyone usually takes a permanent leave after they get pregnant. Then another person I work with, saw me & was like are you okay? I answered yes, but explained about my supervisor leaving & that it was hard for me because I’m an emotional person. She said she was too & offered me a hug & if I ever need a hug she’s a go-to person for those. I’m very lucky to work at the place I do. Everyone here is super pleasant, & with the work everybody does in this building it’s hard to be nice & caring all the time. But, we’ve all been pushed to the limits these last 2 years, with COVID being such a long & tedious disease. We’ve come through it all with a smile! Overall, I’ve come to accept being emotional, it makes me who I am. I like myself, and if being emotional comes with that, so be it. I like me!