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Turning Pointe Autism Foundation Teams Up with Two Brothers Coffee Roasters to Provide Employment Opportunities to TPAF Students

March 5, 2020 – Turning Pointe Autism Foundation (TPAF) is proud to partner with Two Brothers Coffee Roasters, a local specialty coffee roaster whose parent company is Two Brothers Artisan Brewing, to provide employment opportunities for two adult participants at TPAF.

Two Brothers has agreed to sell TPAF its coffee fraction (“frac”) packs in bulk—creating an opportunity for TPAF to employ two of our students, who are impacted by autism. These students will pack these coffee frac packs into bins, which will then be sold to TPAF customers—such as local car dealers, finance offices and insurance agencies—for just enough profit to sustain these jobs.

“The opportunity to sell this coffee allows us to pay our adult participants for their contributions to the enterprise,” said Carrie Provenzale, Executive Director of TPAF. “This is a great milestone for Turning Pointe, with a positive impact on the families we serve.”

In addition to its Day School for younger students, TPAF operates two adult programs: a Career College for adults to build skills for independent employment and the Compass Class Pilot program for adults in need of supported employment opportunities, such as the opportunity
created via our partnership with Two Brothers. TPAF prepares all students impacted by autism for employment by aligning their personal skills, strengths and abilities to hands-on-training opportunities. Ultimately, TPAF’s goal is to provide individuals with autism with the life skills
they need to work as independently as possible within the community.

The Compass Class Pilot program meets the need for adults more profoundly impacted by their autism to have meaningful activities and jobs throughout our community.

“Turning Pointe has often been just that for families—a place where children impacted by autism make significant strides in their communication, behaviors and independence,” Provenzale said. “Meaningful employment embodies all of these skills and we are thrilled to
extend our work into the enterprises.”

The success of this program is dependent on community support. Anyone interested in supporting our program through volunteer, sponsorship or other opportunities can visit our website for more information or email to learn more.

About Turning Pointe Autism Foundation
Established in 2007 to raise the quality of educational supports for children and young adults
with autism, Turning Pointe Autism Foundation creates best practice learning environments to increase independence, improve communication and socially appropriate behaviors. As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, we rely on the partnership of volunteers, donors, school
districts and Employment Partners to ensure sustainable and meaningful future for our mission and students.

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation
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Turning Pointe Autism Foundation
1500 West Ogden Avenue
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Turning Pointe Autism Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation's Foglia Family Adult Services is a Certified Autism Center by the IBCCES.

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