Teacher Appreciation Day - Turning Pointe Autism Foundation

Teacher Appreciation Day


Teacher Appreciation Day was May 2nd. We love our teachers! We know working with our students isn’t always easy. We also happen to know that our staff are the very best. We have happy kids. If we didn’t have happy teachers, our programs simply wouldn’t work. We have happy teachers who come in every day with a smile on their faces, ready to teach their students. There are definitely days when I can see the struggles & hardships of their jobs. This year we decided to gift our teachers with a little gift basket. It has a glass jar with a glass straw filled with Smarties, gel pens, shower bombs & some other fun goodies. We absolutely give our teachers all the credit in the world. They do what we cannot. They teach. I love working here and getting to witness the miracles that happen. These teachers are miracle workers. They help these students to communicate with the outside world. We have seen some great things happen to our students. I hope I get to stay here a little longer, so I can see more miracles.