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My Favorite Pair of Shoes


Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? Or did you have a favorite pair of shoes? My favorite shoes in the world, & I’ve tried many different brands of shoes; are Vans. I have had Vans as my main shoe for the last 10 years. No, not the same pair, that might be a little uncomfortable. Shoes tend to wear down over time. Along with your foot growing. I totally forgot to mention that I had this particular pair of shoes for 3 years. Talk about quality! 

I bought my first pair of Vans when I was in 6th grade. They were genuine skater shoes. Big, brown, with pink stripes on the side and a super wide tongue. They were so cool, or at least I thought they were. I wore them every day. I wore them to school, out with friends, to church, pretty much all the time. I wore them to my 6th grade dance. The dance was basically a DJ, a table with snacks, and all of us 6th graders on the dance floor. I had on my homemade t-shirt that I made in tech class. It had some of my favorite music artists on it at the time. I had on some brand new jeans, and my brown and pink Vans. I thought I looked so cool. There was a lot of fun music, I danced in my Vans, with all my friends, we took pictures & had snacks & drinks (mainly pop & water). I actually have a picture of me in my Vans, peacin’ it up. 

Those shoes gave me a sense of confidence, I thought I looked good. That was new for me, I had never really liked the way I looked. I also fit in with all my friends & that’s a big deal for a kid in middle school. Like I said, I’ll find the picture & you’ll see how awesome I looked. I absolutely love Vans, I still wear them to this day, not the big bulky skate shoes, but their slip on Vans, with the checkered pattern on them. I also have all weather Vans that I wear in the winter. I love this brand & will most likely wear them until I can’t anymore, or if the brand disappears from existence. I will always support them because they make me feel confident. & I like the way my feet look in them.