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Hello from Sunny Italy!


A couple blogs ago, I wrote about my favorite trip. I actually had the opportunity to go to Italy again! First things first, the food was to die for. Everything was delicious, from the pasta to the gelato. Also, the food was actually appropriately dished out. The portion sizes were actually the size of the plate, according to my parents the US used to have appropriate sizes. That was already 30 years ago!  I should’ve taken pictures of the food, but it was too good to put my fork down long enough to take a photo.

I also saw a lot of historical landmarks. I saw the colosseum, which has been around since 79 A.D. (talk about old!). It’s so interesting, & the fact that I can see it in person is so cool! I saw the Trevi fountain, which was gorgeous! A quick fact about the Trevi fountain is that it’s one of the oldest water sources in Rome! When I was there it was kind of blocked off, so I couldn’t make my Lizzie McGuire wish in the Trevi fountain. I still got to visit it, which was pretty cool. We visited this church called St. Clemente”s Basilica. Which was so cool. It was a 3,000 year old church. We went underneath to explore its catacombs. One of the cooler parts of exploring this old church was deep inside the basement where there was a spring water well, like really 3,000 years ago people had knowledge of where to put these water wells, so they could drink! If anything like that was built in modern times, it would’ve been broken multiple times, would’ve had many tears, & repairs. In other words, it wouldn’t have worked as well. We also went to Florence ( on a little day trip). We saw one of the first perfumeries. We also saw a lot of Leather Goods stores, fun fact: Florence is the leather capital of the world! It was all so beautiful! One word of caution, the Italians do not believe in a/c, so get used to being hot a lot of the time. It’s also a very stinky city, but what can you expect from a city that was formed in 736 A.D.?. But, overall, Italy is breathtaking. If I had the chance to go back again, I would in a heartbeat! I’m going to try to include pictures of everything, but it would honestly make this blog way way too long. Here’s a couple to curb your appetite.