Fredo? - Turning Pointe Autism Foundation


Wherefore art thou Fredo? Fredo is my black lab. He is a black lab & pitbull mix. He’s small & weighs about 45lbs. I love him so much! We got Fredo back in 2012. He was just 12 weeks old. I honestly think he imprinted on me first. But everyone else in my house thinks otherwise. Fredo is a really good dog. Super loving, quiet, affectionate, and funny. For a while, I was thinking that he should be a service dog so I could take him to Turning Pointe for the kids & staff. Another thing is, when I’m in a bad mood or I’m having really bad anxiety; he comes to me, puts his paw on my leg, & waits for me to pet him. Sometimes, if I take his paw off me; he puts his paw back on my leg. Signaling that he still needs me to pet him or that I need to calm down. He sometimes sleeps with me, in his own bed of course. Only when it thunderstorms does he actually sleep with me in my bed. This dog even has his own tempurpedic bed, complete with a blanket. He also has 3 of them, 1 bed in my room, 1 in the living room, & one in my parent’s room. I’m usually buying special treats & toys. Why? Because he deserves them. My little guy is the best! Everyone in my house spoils him rotten, because he is so good, & he knows it too! I honestly think he’s my soulmate in animal form. I know that sounds weird but he understands so much. He’s incredibly smart, & knew a lot of commands before we even taught them to him. Thank goodness for foster families! They taught him a lot of commands, & we only had to enforce them. He was already so smart, he knew to hit the bells that we put on the back door to use the bathroom. MIND BLOWN! Fredo surprises me every day whether it be helping me through an anxiety attack, making me laugh with his silly antics, or just being a cuddle bug. My Fredo is a special guy! Here is a picture of him. I think you’ll fall in love with him just like I did & still do every day.