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Favorite Person

Do you have a favorite person? I don’t. I have way too many to list here. One of my favorite people is my Dad. My Dad is pretty spectacular. He takes care of me. He uplifts me when I’m feeling down or blue. He makes me laugh, not just chuckle. Even when he cracks little Dad jokes, he makes me smile. He is selfless and gives so much to Turning Pointe; that makes me incredibly happy; I can’t even explain how much that means. He is definitely in my top 5. Another one of my favorite people is my Mom. My mom has been there for me since day 1. My mom can make me giggle. She cheers me up way more than she knows. I’m incredibly grateful for her. Sometimes, I may get angry with them both, but who doesn’t? It’s just a parent/child relationship.

I’m lucky to have amazing parents who genuinely care about me & my life. They both gave me something that I couldn’t return. I’m forever in debt to them for helping me move my life along. I’m talking about Career College or, as it’s known around here, the Employment Training Program. I learned plenty of invaluable skills in that program, & it wasn’t exactly cheap. They didn’t say a word & just paid for it, no questions asked. They got to see me succeed & on top of that, land an excellent full-time job right here at Turning Pointe. If you have a favorite person, grab them & tell them how grateful you are for them & how much they’ve impacted your life; they’ll be so surprised!