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Friends are important

Friends are sometimes your chosen family. I think we all need friends. Even if you say you don’t need many, you still need them; just not a large quantity. What applies here is quality over quantity. My Mom & Dad say that all the time. Meaning it’s about the most you make of your time & with what people. I think having quality friends means, if you have a couple friends who are close to you, who share in your triumphs, who cheer you on, & tell you can do it even when you think you can’t, those are the people who are friends for life. Quantity is when you have like maybe 30 friends, but none of them are really friends that you see yourself having forever. I think friends are really helpful, funny, & put a unique perspective on life. Friends are helpful because sometimes you don’t want to tell your family everything, sometimes, things are too awkward, too silly, too much to tell your family. That’s where friends come in. I think friends are funny. Friends are funny because they can laugh with you about everything, & make a light hearted situation out of an intense situation. Friends oftentimes put a unique spin on situations. Sometimes, I think my solution is the only solution. Then when I tell my problem to a friend, they make me think about the problem, & ask what I can do to help myself, others or if it’s not the best decision. Most of the time, they’re right. Asking for advice from friends is one of my favorite things. I love hearing other people’s opinions about things & hearing how they would handle themselves given the same predicament. These friends of mine are definitely at least in my eyes, quality friends. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.