Our Team

Teachers, Clinicians, Interventionists and Administrators team in a multidisciplinary approach to maximize student gains and program-wide positive outcomes.

Alexa Henderson  Special Education Teacher
Alexis Earll Special Education Teacher
Alyssa Harbin-Fahlmark IEP Coordinator
Angela Williams Faculty Director
Anja Kremer BCBA
Anjum Mohsinuddin Office Manager
Ashlee Hare Intense Behavior Interventionist
Ashley Kim Speech/Language Pathologist
Barb Brauer Development & Operations Director
Bernadette Bassett School Administrator/DaySchool Director
Bianca Frost Program Director
Brittany Fasel Lead Intense Behavior Interventionist
Cara Etherton Lead Intense Behavior Interventionist
Carolyn Bonessa Foundation Coordinator
Carrie Provenzale Executive Director
Cassandra Anderson Intense Behavior Interventionist 
Cassidy O’Connell Occupational Therapist
Cassie O’Hare BCBA 
Claudia Leiva  Intense Behavior Interventionist 
Cory Andor Intense Behavior Interventionist
Deborah Cox Human Resources Director
Debra Kolak Occupational Therapist
Deni Stanek Instructional Coach
Derek Prejna Intense Behavior Interventionist
Elissa Holzwarth Special Education Teacher
Emily Pickett Intense Behavior Interventionist
Evan Staley Intense Behavior Interventionist
Gabriela Martinoz Lead Intense Behavior Interventionist
Geena Villotti Intense Behavior Interventionist
Jacqueline White Intense Behavior Interventionist
Jacqueline Zawada Intense Behavior Interventionist
Jenna Squillo  Intense Behavior Interventionist
Jennifer Dana BCBA
Jessica Malatia Intense Behavior Interventionist
John Higgins School Bus Driver


Joshua Brehn Intense Behavior Interventionist
Kaitlyn Wheaton Intense Behavior Interventionist
Kali Schrey Intense Behavior Interventionist
Karina Cisneros BCBA 
Kassandra Mendoza Intense Behavior Interventionist
Kathryn Bartgen Nurse
Kathryn Fleckenstein Nurse
Kelly Pearn Special Education Teacher
Kiley Dunning Speech/Language Pathologist
Lacey Landmeier Speech/Language Pathologist
Lori Lockhart Intense Behavior Interventionist
Mackenzie Muersch Occupational Therapist
Marina Romanelli  Teacher Assistant
Meagan Brayton Intense Behavior Interventionist
Megan Covey SLP/Adult Specialist
Murray Carlson School Bus Driver
Nathallie Lopez BCBA
Nico Ortiz Intense Behavior Interventionist 
Olivia Castro Sub Special Education Teacher
ReaAnne Rhule Sub Special Education Teacher
Renzo Novelle Dog Biscuit Enterprise
Robin Karling Intense Behavior Interventionist
Rose Bylak Grant Writer
Samantha Camacho Lead IBI & Community Outing Supervisor
Samantha Groth Special Events and Volunteer Manager
Sarah Bormann-Mayo Intense Behavior Interventionist
Sarah Shams Intense Behavior Interventionist
Scott Woyach Intense Behavior Interventionist
Seth Mathewson Special Education Teacher
Shanese Earl Intense Behavior Interventionist
Sophie Boyle Custodian
Stefan Krueger Program Lead/IT Support
Tim Mahoney Lead Intense Behavior Interventionist
Tricia Sommerfeld BCBA – Adult Services
Veni Martin BCBA

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation Recruitment Video – Shanese

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation Recruitment Video – Anja

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation Recruitment Video

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation
1500 West Ogden Avenue
Naperville, IL 60540

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation
1500 West Ogden Avenue
Naperville, IL 60540

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation is an endorsed Center for Autism accredited by the IBCCES.

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