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Special Interests

What do I like to do? What do I want to do? What am I interested in? As an autistic person most times, the autistic person in question has a special interest. That special interest could have started as a hobby, job, or just something to do. For me, I like writing. More accurately, I like writing articles that make people think or make people feel something. It didn’t always start out like this. In school, I had a hard time writing, again getting my thoughts on paper wasn’t exactly easy for me. It all started when my boss asked me to write a column for the local newspaper back in October of 2021. I wrote the article & boasted about my place of work & why we were holding this event & what the event was about. I got a writer’s high, I think that’s what you call it. I received so much great feedback & praise for the article. It made me feel good & hearing great things about my articles made me super happy & made me want to write more. For Christmas that year, my parents had my article clipped out & framed so I could save it forever. After that first article, I asked my boss if I could start a blog. What about you ask? I’m writing primarily about my experiences about being an aspie myself, along with any cool events that Turning Pointe decides to participate in, and just in general my experiences with others. Graciously, she told me yes! Wow, I thought now that she said yes, I have so many ideas. I have written about 5 articles, and the blog hasn’t even been opened yet. I have about one more week to wait. Honestly, it’s scary & cool all at the same time. I can’t wait. I’ve had tons of people including my Dad tell me how proud he is of me & that my writing brought a tear to his eyes. He also told me how he can’t wait to post it on LinkedIn. Hearing that my Dad loved it & that my Mom is also sharing it with her friends, makes me excited for what I write in the future. I know that it took me a while to find a passion, but I’m so happy I found it when I did.