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Second job?


Second job? Why did I want/need a second job? I will preface this with, I live with my family & they care for many of my needs. The second job isn’t necessary, but I want to be more involved within my community. I needed a second job because I don’t make much money & it’s a way for me to get out of my house, much more than just my usual 9-5. My second job is actually at Chez Francois Poutinerie. I will be a job coach. I have already met some of the people I will be helping, & it’s already put me in an excellent state of mind. Another fantastic workplace. Yay! I walked in & was automatically embraced with love. That’s kind of a hard thing to capture, especially at a job & definitely not at second jobs. I mean, most times, people work a job & are usually okay, but a second job? That means more stress, grey hair & less time to yourself to do the things you love or even just take care of yourself. A lot of times, I would walk into a job & be upset to be there. The job either caused a lot of stress, loss of self (i.e. I would lose myself & become like a zombie, a slave to my job), or physical pain. I would work so much that I would get intense headaches & sometimes my muscles would ache. I’ve been blessed with two jobs that are lovely & make me feel fulfilled. That’s what I’ve wanted all along.