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Autism Awareness Lessons for classrooms

Age appropriate lessons aligned with Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) standards. Download them for your classroom today.

  • Early Elementary

    Early Elementary

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  • Late Elementary

    Late Elementary

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  • Middle School

    Middle School

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  • The worksheets have been created by our very own teammates and are aligned with the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Social Emotional Learning Standards (SEL).

    Early Elementary Standards

    2A.1a., 2A.1b., 2B.1a., 2B.1b., 3A.1a., 3A.1b., 2C.1a.

    Late Elementary Standards

    2A.2a., 2A.2b., 2B.2a., 3A.2a., 2B.2b., 2C.2a.

    Middle School Standards

    2A.3a. 2A.3b., 2B.3a., 3A.3a., 2B.3b., 2C.3b.

    Evaluation and Diagnosis

    Evaluating your child and finding the proper diagnosis is the first step in the journey with autism. Visit our list of resources to help guide you in this process.

    Health & Medical

    Finding local and reputable health and medical professionals can be a challenge, but we’ve done the research for you. Click the links to get plugged into autism-friendly professionals near you.


    Our CN Day School and Foglia Family Adult Service Programs might be the next step for your student. Check out these resources to learn more and discover the perfect fit.

    Parent Education

    Autism is tough to navigate but we want you to be well informed. We’ve provided knowledge-based links to programs that assist in educating parents as well as students.

    Support Groups

    Support in the autism community is the key to success for both parents and students. Read on to discover the many resources at your disposal for your child as well as your adult with autism.

    Sensory Friendly Events

    Enjoy these local sensory-friendly community activities and events with your family and loved ones! Immerse yourself into the many offerings provided by businesses in DuPage County.

    Shelter-In-Place Resources

    Turning Pointe is proud to have Practice Advisory Board Members, partners, and friends share their expertise in a special panel discussion on the topic of the shelter in place order. Please view the PDF resource booklet and recorded webinar.

    Community Resource Informational System

    Searchable services and events in DuPage County across all categories.

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    Turning Pointe Autism Foundation
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