Music. - Turning Pointe Autism Foundation


Music is a wonderful thing that we get to experience. I was asked if I have a go to karaoke song or a song that I just like to belt out. I don’t really. I like everything, except hardcore rap. But if I had to pick a genre to sing, that's always fun, no matter what mood I’m in. It’s probably music from my favorite band, All Time Low. Their music is pop-punk/alternative rock. I’ve loved them since I was a sophomore in high school. I’ve listened to every album, there’s 9 albums in total, plus 2 live albums. I have a few specific songs that I listen to most. One of the songs that I like & is constantly on repeat is called Missing You, from their 2015 album. It’s about how people would miss you, if you let your depression win. I know, it sounds sad. It is, a little. But for the most part, it's a happy song encouraging you to keep going, keep fighting, & to stay alive. Why?, because the world would miss you. That honestly means a lot. Sometimes, I don’t want to get up & get going. This song helps me get motivated to keep it up & continue on. It gets me in my feelings each & every time I hear it. Another song I love to listen to is called I Feel Like Dancin’. It's from their 2011 album. I actually used to have it as a ringtone, I love it so much. It’s honestly just a bop. It’s a song that you can dance to, jam out, or just chill to. It brings me out of funky moods. I love All Time Low very much, So much so that I’ve seen them at least 7 times in concert. Everytime I see them, their set is never boring, always funny, & the best part…every person in the band is a complete sweetheart!. They really care about their fans, that’s what makes them great. They’re also HUGE advocates for mental health. Sometimes, they have a good portion of their proceeds from ticket sales, CD sales, Digital Content sales, etc that go to NAMI, or it goes toward local food banks, or there was one time when they gave the money to To Write Love On Her Arms. They are really good boys & I love them very much. My dream one day is to meet all of them & tell them how much their music has influenced my life. But, yeah those 2 songs are my favorites. I really appreciate music & I hope you do too.