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Career College program fosters independence through coursework and includes practical training in real-world environments. Successful completion of our program opens the door to new and exciting possibilities including Career Mentor Support and guaranteed an interview with our employment partners.
The Turning Pointe Career College affords the opportunity to learn employment skills in a supportive environment with a best practice clinical approach to personalized education.

Focusing on three main areas:

Independent Living
Social Communication
Employability Skills

What is the Admission Process?

The Turning Pointe Career College Admissions Process is based on student-specific needs and current skill set. Career college administration uses an operational framework to access student’s wants and needs for clinical decision making and programming.

Step 1: Virtual Tour of School

Step 2: Complete an Online Application

Step 3: Interview with our team

Step 3: Receive Acceptance Letter & Finish Registration

What is the Classroom Structure Like?

The Career College classroom is structured with a fluctuating staff to student ratio based on student needs and aligned with current research. This classroom structure fosters a learning environment conducive to individualized instruction for our students.


What are the Program Outcomes?

Data Collection

Continuous student-specific data is taken for all Turning Pointe Career College students on program outcomes and skill domains. Data collected in all areas is analyzed regularly to maximize instruction and behavioral interventions and also used to make adjustments to student programming as necessary.

Certificate of Completion

Students will be enrolled for full-time coursework. Upon completion of all required coursework, students will have the opportunity to interview with an Employment Partner. Certified students will be eligible for Career Mentor Support.

Career Mentoring

This is designed to provide on-the-job support to students in their transition from the classroom to a career. The goal is to provide one-on-one support in the work environment while training and/or after the individual has been hired by a Turning Pointe approved employer. Students who have completed all required coursework and their tuition payments are in good standing are eligible to receive 10 hours of career mentoring following graduation.

Family Partnership

The involvement of parents and families in the education process is critical to students’ success. Parents are active participants in their student’s education through meetings and student conferences, and on-going collaboration. Staff communicates with students and families via email and newsletters on a regular basis. Remaining connected is essential to maintain program consistency and work together towards student progress and accomplishments.

Currently, over 90% of graduates secured employment after completion of the program.

Thanks to diversity-minded employment partners, students of the Career College are exposed to various environments and opportunities for work. Students’ interests and aptitudes are paired for training that increases the likelihood of success in their chosen career paths.


As advocates ourselves, Turning Pointe employs graduates in our own Uniquely Pawfect enterprise that is driven by a Career College graduate. These businesses offer ongoing training and opportunities for continued skill acquisition, and simply to make the team at Turning Pointe stronger, happier, and more well-rounded.

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