2023 Hopes - Turning Pointe Autism Foundation

2023 Hopes

We are already into the second month of the year!! Wow, how time flies!  Anywho, as comes a new year, comes new challenges. I know something hard for me is fixing my eating patterns. This is why I have made small strides to get to the point of making lifestyle changes.  I hope that Turning Pointe becomes more substantial & more steady than we are now. I also would like to see our school secure more funding, which is currently already happening. I would like to see myself get better at my job. I’ll take on new challenges, even if they’re hard or require more effort.

Another hope for 2023, is that we (i.e.) the world comes back together. We ( the world) have become so segregated as a whole. No thanks, to the gun violence & having Karen & her annoying husband Chad or Brad..whatever his name is. If this year could go a little easier and a bit more on track, I think I would be content. I’m not saying happy, because happiness is an unachievable goal. You may ask why? I thought that getting that one thing would make me happy, & it does…for a while. But then, I got bored & moved on to the next thing, then the next, & the next. So instead, I look for things that will bring me a little bit of joy, laughter, and spending time with family & friends. Whatever makes me feel better, I’ll take it.